iManage Work displays the status of a user or group using two overlay icons:

  1. Disabled  () : Disabled users are those whose accounts have been deactivated. After deactivation, they do not have the permission to access an existing item and cannot be given access to a new item in iManage. 

  2. External () :  External users are those who cannot see items unless they have explicit permission. While most users can see items that have a default security of Public/View, external users have to be given explicit permission to allow them to view or interact with any items.

The overlay icons are displayed in the following areas:

  • Properties panel
  • Security Details panel
  • Permissions List
  • User/group lookups when adding to an item's permission (disabled users are excluded from permission lookups)
  • Author/Operator facets in Filter panels

Table: User Status



User status in Properties panel


User status in Security details panel with 
permissions list


User/group lookups


Filter facet