Build: 10.10.0

Enhancements to bulk import of files and folders

You can now copy, move, or drop folders or files from your native location to iManage Drive in bulk. When copying, moving, or dropping files and folders in bulk, iManage Drive does the following:

  • Copies files and folders from user’s native location to iManage Drive. Microsoft Windows displays a prompt for the copy action and closes the prompt when the copy is completed.

  • Syncs the copied files and folders to iManage Work. You can view the sync status in the bottom of the Notifications tab in iManage Drive panel.

For more information about how to import folders and files in bulk, refer to the Importing files and folders in bulk section in iManage Drive Help.

Additionally, your administrator can manage the number of files or folders to be imported in bulk. For more information, contact your administrator.

Search available in Portuguese-Brazil

You can now search for a document or documents stored in a synced workspace from within the iManage Drive application in Portuguese-Brazil. You can select the Search icon in iManage Drive to open the Search window within the application and then select the Global icon and select Portuguese (Brazil) from the drop-down.

You can search for documents using a keyword or title using the search dropdown. You can also search for documents using Author/Operator by typing @ and then selecting the relevant user or by typing # and the document number. The search results are displayed within the application. The search results can be filtered by File Type and/or Author/Operator.

 Support for Canadian French language

You can now set Canadian French as the language for the iManage Drive user interface by selecting Canadian French in the Language drop-down in the Preferences tab. For more information about how to change the application language, refer to the Changing the application language section in iManage Drive Help.

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