Generating Reports


This application is available to Tier 2 users.

The reports are created based on activities performed by a user in iManage Work client application. These reports are in CSV format.

The following types of user reports are available.

  • Active users - List of users who have Allow Login permission to the system.

  • Checked-out Documents - List of checked-out documents

  • Workspaces with Metadata - List of workspaces with metadata.

Accessing Reports

  1. Click Reports. The available reports appear as a list.

  2. Click images/download/thumbnails/38733551/download_icon.png on the report you want to download. The report in the CSV format is downloaded to your hard drive. If there are International characters, Excel cannot open .csv files correctly. Perform the following instructions:
    a. Start Excel and open a blank worksheet.
    b. Click Data tab and import the .csv report by clicking From Text.
    c. Select the file, and you are redirected to import wizard.
    d. Select the file origin as Unicode (UTF-8).
    e. You can also select Delimiter, before you click Next.
    f. For delimiters select comma and then click Finish.