To create a Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), or Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) file within a folder:

  1. Navigate to the folder in which you want to create the Microsoft Office file. 
  2. From the New File... list, select New <file type> File. The New <file type> File dialog box appears. 
  3. In Title, enter the file name. 
  4. In Author, select the author. By default, your name is displayed.
  5. In Class, select the class type. By default, the default configuration is displayed. 
  6. (Optional) In Comments, enter any description of the file that may be useful for future reference
  7. (Optional) Select Make it Private to mark the file private. Selecting this option makes the file visible only to you. If you do not select Make it Privatethe file security is inherited from the parent folder.
  8. Select Create new file. A new Microsoft Office file is created and opens in your browser window or browser tab. 


  • If you are unable to view the new file in iManage Work or iManage Work Panel, select . The new files are displayed. 
  • Your iManage Work administrator can customize the list of fields displayed in your iManage Work Environment.