If you have read/write or full access to a file, you can edit the file properties even if it is checked out using Microsoft Office for the web. This increases the productivity by letting other users work efficiently and collaboratively.

For example, during a co-authoring session, if the file properties have to be modified, you no longer have to end the co-authoring session if the users are editing the file using Microsoft Office for the web. You can open the Properties panel and modify them. 

To edit the file properties from iManage Work or iManage Work Panel: 

  1. Select the file for which you want to edit the properties. 
  2. Select   and then select    Properties . The Properties panel appears.
  3. In the Properties panel, make necessary changes. 
    You can edit the following fields in the Properties panel:
    • Title
    • Comments
    • Type
    • Class 
    • Subclass
    • Custom fields

    The following fields are read-only and cannot be modified:

      • Created
      • Last User
      • Date Modified
      • Status


      File properties cannot be modified if the file is checked out using iManage Work Desktop for Windows, iManage DeskSite using REST, or iManage FileSite using REST.