Microsoft Power Automate lets you quickly and securely streamline repetitive tasks using low-code, drag-and-drop tools that integrate with hundreds of pre-built “connectors” from many of your software vendors, including iManage. These connectors are used to create “flows” to accomplish tasks you’ve defined. iManage Work has connectors for our various product areas, and you can combine these connectors with connectors from other vendors to automate your business processes using flows.

For more information about Microsoft Power Automate in general, refer to the Microsoft Power Automate documentation.

For more specific information on iManage Work connectors, refer to the following:

For questions about iManage connectors, refer to the following FAQ.

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Availability and Cost

Q: Can I use the iManage Power Automate connectors with my on-premises iManage environment, or with my connection to iManage Cloud?

A: No, the iManage Power Automate connectors are only available for iManage Work for customers.
We'll provide the iManage Work connector for proof-of-concept testing with connections to iManage Cloud. We’ll do so with the intent that these connections will eventually transition to connections, for which support and additional features will be delivered from then on.


If you use IP restrictions in your environment, you won’t be able to use the Power Automate connector with an connection. Please contact if you’re interested in testing Power Automate in an environment.

Q: Does it cost extra?

A: Yes, as part of Microsoft’s Power Automate fee structure, although our connectors are currently included in your iManage Cloud subscription. Microsoft considers all connectors to be a “premium” service, billed separately from Office365 and Azure.

iManage pricing is subject to change in the future as we add more advanced features beyond what’s available today.


Q: I’m having trouble authenticating to iManage Work from Power Automate. What do I do?

A: First, be sure you’ve verified everything in the Prerequisites section as provided in this documentation.

If you are still having trouble, here are a couple of common issues to consider:

  • If you have multiple accounts (for example, Dev and Prod) it’s best to make sure you’re fully signed out of any windows currently open in your browser. This way, Power Automate will prompt you to provide an email address and password instead of signing you in automatically.

  • Third-party cookies must be turned on in your browser. If they’re not turned on, you may see a message saying “You closed the sign-in window before completing sign-in.”

  • Before using Power Automate, an iManage administrator must:

    • Add and enable the respective connector application in iManage Control Center. Be sure to enable the Allow Refresh Tokens setting for each connector.

Q: When I try to create an “Automated cloud flow” and search for iManage, I don’t see any results. Can I start a Power Automate flow when a document is uploaded to a certain workspace?

A: Performing a flow automatically upon an event occurrence is called a “trigger”. We don’t currently offer any triggers within our library of Power Automate connectors. A flow using iManage Work actions must start either on a timed basis or with a trigger from another system.

For example, an email received to a certain inbox with an attachment could trigger a flow to import that document to a workspace using the Micrsoft Outlook connector’s trigger.