iManage Tracker is the only task-management solution fully integrated with iManage Work 10. The iManage Tracker connector lets users automate their tasks and task management processes within iManage Work while they keep all their files secure in the environment.

To manage tasks within a tracker, there must first be a tracker for that workspace. Trackers don’t exist by default and must be explicitly created.

Determine if there is a tracker for that workspace and create one if needed

  • Get trackers for workspace: Gets a list of trackers associated with a workspace.

  • Create tracker: Creates a new tracker for the specified workspace.

Automate additional configuration of a Tracker beyond the standard fields

  • Add a custom field: Adds a custom field to an existing tracker. You must be the owner of the tracker or have full access to it. A field by the same name mustn't already exist for the tracker.

Create and edit tasks

  • Add a task: Adds a task to a tracker. Only standard Tracker fields (Name, Assignee, Due Date, Linked Object, Status, Notes) will be available unless Tracker ID is explicitly specified. If you have a custom field you need to update, but can't hard-code the Tracker ID, use Update a task field. A sub-task can be added by specifying the parent task ID.

  • Clear a task field: Clears a field in an existing task.

  • Update a task field: Updates a field in an existing task.

Get started with the iManage Tracker connector


The iManage Tracker connector is available for customers subscribed to iManage Tracker at

To activate the iManage Tracker connector, an iManage Work administrator assigned to a Global Management role with the App Management privilege must complete the following steps. For more information, refer to Global privilege descriptions.

  1. In iManage Control Center, browse to Settings > Applications.

  2. Select +Add Application. The Add Application dialog opens, and displays the list of applications available for you to add.

  3. Search for Power Automate.

  4. Select the iManage Tracker for Power Automate application, and then select Authentication.

  5. Select Allow Refresh Tokens, and then select Access.

  6. Select Review to review the options you selected.

  7. Select Finish.

The iManage Tracker for Power Automate application is now available to Power Automate users who are also iManage Tracker users. These users can authenticate through Power Automate and run flows and actions respecting their own iManage Work permissions.

How to get credentials

If you’re an existing iManage Work user, provide your iManage Work credentials to sign in. Otherwise, contact your System Administrator for assistance.

Build your flow

After you're enabled in your environment:

  1. Go to and select +Create.

  2. Create an Instant cloud flow and select + New step.

  3. Search for iManage Tracker to see all the available iManage Tracker actions.

TIP: For more information about the actions available, visit iManage Tracker - Connectors | Microsoft Learn.

  1. Select the desired iManage Tracker action.

  2. If you're not already signed in to iManage Work, you're prompted to sign in:

    1. Select Sign in.

    2. Enter the URL you use to connect to iManage Work, for example,

    3. Enter your iManage Work email address.

    4. Enter the password for the chosen account and select Sign in.

All workflows that use iManage Tracker actions connect using these iManage Work user credentials. A different iManage Work user account can be used by adding a new connection under My Connections and switching the connection.