Make sure that you have:

  • Subscribed to iManage Tracker
  • Adequate permission to perform all the tasks mentioned here, ensure that you're a user with the NRTADMIN role

Stage 1: Adding the iManage Tracker application in iManage Control Center

Perform the following steps to add iManage Tracker as an application in iManage Control Center. This ensures that iManage Tracker can communicate with iManage Work Server and is available in iManage Work.

  1. Sign in to iManage Control Center as an NRTADMIN.

  2. In the left navigation pane under Settings, select Applications. 

  3. Select Add application.

    Figure: Settings > Applications option and the Add Application dialog box

  4. Select Upload Package
  5. Locate the iManage Tracker 1.X zip file that applies to your region and/or Pod on this page and select Download. Browse to the folder containing your download and select the file to upload.  

  6. Select Authenticate and then select Access.

    Figure: Authenticating the add-on

  7. Select Review

    Figure: Review button

  8. Review the details and select Finish. The application is successfully added and displayed in the Applications list in iManage Control Center.
    Users in your organization can now access iManage Tracker in iManage Work. For more information, refer to iManage Tracker Help.

    Figure: Finishing the registration

The following animated GIF shows the process mentioned in this section.

Figure: Adding the application

Stage 2: Enabling refresh token

To ensure that iManage Tracker displays the latest data from iManage Work, refresh token should be enabled. When enabled, the application is automatically synced in the background and iManage Tracker users need not perform a manual sync by selecting whenever they want to view the latest information.

  1. Sign in to iManage Control Center as an NRTADMIN.
  2. Upload and repeat the steps in the previous section (Stage 1). Additionally, on the Authentication screen, enable the Allow Token Refresh option.
    Figure: Allow refresh token

    iManage Tracker configuration
    is listed under Extensions in iManage Control Center. Sign out and sign in again if the option isn't immediately visible.
  3. Select iManage Tracker configuration and then select Open Tracker configuration.
    The Tracker background service authorization page appears. It lists the libraries on the server for which you have NRTADMIN access with their status displayed as Unauthorized
  4. Select Authorize for each library, enter your email ID, and then select Use my credentials & authorize.
    Your user name is displayed for each library. This indicates that iManage Tracker uses your refresh token when fetching data from iManage Work.

The following animated GIFs show the process mentioned in this section.

Figure: Enabling the Allow Token Refresh option

Figure: Authorize access

After completing these tasks, perform all the tasks mentioned in Configuring the application. Once the configuration is done, the users in your organization need to only install iManage Work Desktop for Windows to access the iManage Tracker pane in Microsoft Outlook. This enables them to access the iManage Tracker panel in Microsoft Outlook.