The Files field for a task enables you to attach a file, folder, or email from iManage Work that the assignee can use as a reference to complete the task.

  1. Scroll to the desired task and select Link item . The Select file/folder dialog box appears.
  2. Select the file or folder that you want to attach and choose Select. You can select a checked-out file and also search for the desired file or folder.
    The file or folder is attached and the file or folder icon is displayed for the task in the Files column.

You can perform the following tasks for the attached file or folder:

  • Hover the pointer over the file or folder icon to view metadata such as the file or folder name, owner name, and date.
  • Select the file or folder icon or press enter when focus is on the attachment to view the metadata for the file or folder. The keyboard shortcuts for these actions are also displayed as a tooltip. Select to access the kebab menu that has the Preview, Change linked file/Change linked folder, and Unlink this file/Unlink this folder options. 

    Figure: Folder options and shortcuts


    • If a newer version of the file is available in iManage Work, iManage Tracker updates the attachment to the latest version when it performs a sync.
    • For emails attached to tasks, you can select the required attachment in the email preview to preview the attachment in a separate tab.

Access to external users

If the assignee of a task doesn't have access to the file or folder, which you want to attach to the task, the user is considered an external user for that item. A confirmation message appears informing you about the same. It has a link that you can open and add the user to the access control list for the item. This enables the user to access the file or folder whenever required.

Figure: External user permissions