The Notes field in a checklist enables you to provide additional information about the task including hyperlinks to online resources that the assignee can use for reference.


  • The maximum number of characters that can be entered for this field is 1000.
  • If two users are updating the notes for a task simultaneously, the latest update is considered.

  1. Scroll to the desired task and select Notes.
  2. Enter the text. Press Enter/Return to add multiple lines of text.
  3. Select the text and use the following formatting options displayed in a toolbar above the text:
    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Link highlighted text
    • Bullet list
    • Ordered list
    • Checklist
  4. (Optional) Press Command+Z (Mac) or Ctrl+Z (Windows) to undo the last action. Press Command+Shift+Z (Mac) or Ctrl+Y (Windows) to redo the last action you undid.
  5. (Optional) Cut, paste, copy text: Use the following shortcuts while updating text fields (copy, duplicate, move, and remove text):
    • Copy: Command+C (Mac) or Ctrl+C (Windows)
    • Cut: Command+X (Mac) or Ctrl+X (Windows)
    • Paste: Command+V (Mac) or Ctrl+V (Windows)
  6. (Optional) Select the formatted text and then select an applied formatting option from the toolbar to remove it.