To view the history of updates that you and other users performed on a task in a checklist in iManage Work, select More options  > Timeline for the task or right-click the task and select Timeline from the context menu. In the iManage Tracker panel in Microsoft Outlook, select a task and then select  > Timeline in the pane that opens.

Figure: Timeline entries for a task

Each update is listed as a separate row in descending chronological order, with the latest being displayed first under the Today, Last 7 days, and Older headers as applicable. Details such as the date and time when the update was made, what was changed, and the name of the user who made the change are available in the Timeline. For updates related to the files or folders attached to tasks, the file or folder name appears as a hyperlink in the Timeline that you can select to preview the file in iManage Work. The View details option (toggles to Hide details when you select it) for Notes enables you to view the latest note text within the Timeline dialog box itself.

To close the Timeline for a task, select Close or click outside the dialog box.