When you import tasks from a Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook checklist or an existing tracker, the task and subtask hierarchy is maintained. For more information, refer to Creating a checklist and Copying tasks from existing checklists. However, to realign these tasks based on complexity and dependence, you can use the following options (in the All tasks and Incomplete tasks checklist views):

  • Indent and Outdent options: Right-click a task row or select More options  to change the level of a task or subtask. 
    One or both of these options may be unable for some tasks depending on their place in the hierarchy. For example, you can't outdent or indent the first task or outdent a task that's already at the highest level.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: With the Tasks field in edit mode, press Tab to indent and Shift+Tab to outdent tasks.
  • Dragging: Point to ‚Äč (icon that appears when you hover to the left side of the Tasks field) and drag the task or subtask to the required place.


  • None of these options are available for tasks that have a subtask as you can't move them.
  • Parent tasks appear with a gray outline.