iManage Work stores information about where emails were filed if you file them by:

  • Using the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook or in an email window.

  • Dragging emails into an iManage Work folder using iManage Work Panel in Microsoft Outlook.

These locations are displayed in the Location drop-down list in the iManage Work panel and the Browse and file dialog box. This information is maintained even after you:

  • Restart Microsoft Outlook.

  • Restart your Mac.

  • Sign in again after iManage Work session expires.


Like all other iManage Work panel options, you can use the Location drop-down list to file one email at a time. The iManage Work panel appears/is visible only when one email is selected. You can’t select multiple emails for filing in new Outlook due to Microsoft Outlook limitations.

To quickly file an email:

  1. Select the email.

  2. From the Location drop-down list in the iManage Work panel, select a Suggested or Recent location.

  3. (Optional) Select the File as private or Delete after filing check box or both the check boxes.

  4. Select File. The email is filed to the selected location in iManage Work.