You can use the application menu to upload new documents to iManage Work or to save the changes to documents that you opened from iManage Work.

  1. Select the application name from the Mac menu bar. The menu options are displayed.
  2. Point to Services and select any of the following options or point:


    The iManage Work options on the Services menu work only if you use the classic Outlook view; the options don’t function in new Outlook.

    • Save and Sync: Save updates to a document in iManage Work without displaying any separate dialog box or screen or closing the document.
    • Save As New: Select the iManage Work folder where you want to save the document and select Save. The older document closes and the new document that is saved to iManage Work opens.
    • Save As New Version: Navigate to the desired document in iManage Work, select it, and select Save. The document remains open and a new version of the document selected in iManage Work is created. The edit time and file size information is updated and the version number is appended.


    • For Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, all iManage options including the three aforementioned Save options are available on the File menu (instead of the Services menu).
    • The Save <document type> As New PDF and Save <document type> As New Version PDF options are not available for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
    • Save As New PDF: Select the iManage Work folder where you want to save the document and select Save. The document remains open and its PDF version is saved to iManage Work. 
    • Save As New Version PDF: Enter or change the required information in the New Version dialog box and select Save. The original file remains open and the PDF generated gets automatically saved to iManage Work as a new version of the file from which the PDF was created. The edit time, file size, and other information is updated and the version number is appended.


  • You can now save a document that was opened from OneDrive into iManage Work.
  • Failure notifications are momentarily displayed if documents fail to be saved using any of the aforementioned options. To view all the notifications later, select the Notification Center icon in the upper-right corner of your Mac menu bar.
  • To prevent the confusion caused by trying to save a new local document as a version of another document in iManage Work with a similar name, a dialog box is displayed when you try saving a local document as a new version document or PDF using the Save As New Version and Save As New Version PDF options. You are prompted to save the document as a new document or new PDF to iManage Work. Selecting Yes displays the iManage Save Document dialog box and selecting No redirects you to the document without performing any save action.

To save files from the Finder window:

  1. Select the files you want to upload.
  2. Right-click any of the selected files and then select Upload to iManage Work. The Save File dialog box is displayed.
  3. Navigate to the desired folder in iManage Work and select Save. The files are saved to iManage Work.

Alternatively, you can save files from the Finder and any location on your Mac by dragging the files to iManage Work. For more information, refer to Dragging folders, files, emails, and attachments into iManage Work