1. Select the email or calendar invite for which you want to save the attachments.


    Calendar events cannot be filed from the iManage Work panel displayed for them as it provides only the option to save attachments. To file events, select the event email in the Inbox or Sent items folder, access the iManage Work panel in your Microsoft Outlook mailbox, and then select File.

  2. Select iManage Work from the toolbar. To add the option to the toolbar, refer to Adding the iManage Work option to the toolbar.
  3. From the panel that opens, select File attachments. The list of attachments, the size of each attachment, and the number of selected attachments is displayed. By default, all attachments are selected.


    The first attachment is selected by default even when you clear the check box above the list. This enables the Save as new version button.

  4. (Optional) Clear the check boxes for the attachments that you do not want to save. The Save as new document button is enabled and the Save as new version button remains disabled until you clear the check boxes for all but one attachment. 
    Figure: Save attachments options
  5. Select Save as new document. Navigate to the desired location in iManage Work and then choose Select. The files are saved to iManage Work and the following notification is displayed above the email body:
    Figure: All files saved

    (Alternatively) Select one of the attachments and then select Save as new version to save the attachment as a new version of an existing file in iManage Work. Perform the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the desired location and choose Select

    2. (Optional) Add Comments and Subclass for the new version and select Save.
      The attachment is saved to iManage Work as a new version and the following notification is displayed above the email body:

      Figure: File saved