Upload an entire folder on your Mac to iManage Work.


  • Support for this feature is available using both the Safari and the Google Chrome browser.
  • The Folders (for matters) and Import (for folders) options mentioned in the following procedure are also available in the iManage Work view in the panel in Microsoft Outlook. Select Open Work panel in the iManage Work panel to access the view.
  1. Select the iManage Agent  menulet on the Mac menu bar and select Open iManage Work.
  2. Navigate to the required matter or folder in iManage Work and do the following:
    • For a matter: Select Folders and then select New Folder.
      Figure: Folder Upload option for a matter

    • For a folder: Select Import and then select New Folder.
      Figure: Folder Upload option for a folder
  3. Navigate to the folder you want to upload from your Mac, select it, and then select Open.
    The iManage folder upload dialog box appears displaying the list of files and their upload status. A  is displayed for the folder and each file when uploaded.
  4. Select Go to Folder to open the folder or close the upload dialog box.

Alternatively, you can: