When integrating Microsoft Teams with iManage Work, please be aware of the following limitation:

If you are connecting to the endpoint, the integration with Microsoft Teams will not operate correctly if your iManage Work environment has IP restrictions in place. These restrictions block access to Microsoft Teams, which is hosted on a range of Microsoft IP addresses. For more information or to remove IP restrictions, contact iManage Cloud Support.

Stage 1: Adding the Microsoft Teams Configuration application in iManage Control Center

  1. In iManage Control Center, select Settings in the left pane and then select Applications.
  2. Select Add Application. The Add Application dialog box appears.
  3. Select Upload Package and then select the file provided by iManage.
  4. In the following dialog box, all settings are pre-configured by iManage. Select Authentication > Access > Review > Finish
    The Microsoft Teams Configuration application is added to the list of configured applications. 

Refresh the iManage Control Center page and the Microsoft Teams extension appears under Extensions in the side panel. Continue with Stage 2 to complete the configuration. 

Stage 2: Mapping the Azure domain to iManage Work

  1. Browse to the side panel and select Extensions > Microsoft Teams
  2. Select Edit under Configuration Settings . The Edit Connection Settings dialog box appears.

  3. An additional Microsoft Teams application is required for Teams integration. Select Install to proceed or, if installed,  proceed to step 4.


    To use this extension, the user signed in to iManage Control Center must be a member of the NRTADMIN group, or be assigned to a role with Tier 1 or Tier 2 access to Control Center.

  4. Configure the desired duration for Access Token Expiry as applicable to this application. By default, access tokens are set to expire after 1 week (10080 mins) of inactivity. To provide a seamless user experience, we recommend setting the access token expiration to be at least 1 week..
  5. Below Team Azure AD Domains, enter the Azure domains that need to be mapped to the iManage Work url. You can add one or more domains as applicable.


    When mapping the Azure domain to iManage Work for the first time, you will be asked to grant authorization to iManage's setup application to read your user profile, to ensure that you have proper access to that tenant.

    Sign in with the same Microsoft Azure tenant that your organization uses to sign in to Microsoft Teams. If an organization has multiple tenants for Microsoft Teams, for example, US users using and UK users using to sign in to Teams, then it is possible to map both tenants to the same iManage Work url in the extension.

  6. Select Save .  

iManage Work for Microsoft Teams app is now configured and ready to be used by your users. For more information on accessing iManage Work from the Teams interface, refer to Accessing iManage Work in the Microsoft Teams interface.