Editing a file

To edit a Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), and Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) file:


The Edit in Word | Excel | PowerPoint menu option is disabled if you have read-only access to this file.

  1. Select images/download/attachments/125068488/kebab_menu.png next to the Microsoft Office file you want to edit and then select Open . Alternatively, right-click the Microsoft Office file you want to edit and select Open .

  2. Select one of the following.

    • Edit Word for the web to edit a Microsoft Word file.

    • Edit Excel for the web to edit a Microsoft Excel file.

    • Edit PowerPoint for the web to edit a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

The selected file opens in your browser tab or browser window in edit mode.


A red globe icon images/download/attachments/125068488/global_icon.png appears next to the files checked out using Microsoft Office for web.

Legacy Microsoft Office file types can only be viewed in Microsoft Office in the web. We recommend you to edit these files using the desktop version of Microsoft Office or upgrade the files to the version that is compatible with Microsoft Office for web (. docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) . For a list of legacy file types, see Frequently asked questions.

If you leave your Microsoft Office file open in Microsoft Office for the web without making any edits for more than 60 minutes, then your editing session times out and you can no longer edit the file. Hence, to continue editing the file, reload your browser or the browser tab in which you have opened file using Microsoft Office for the web. Alternatively, you can close your browser or browser tab in which the Microsoft file is open and then start a new editing session.

Figure: Session timeout