To create a new version of your files:


  • The  Edit in a new version in Word | Excel | PowerPoint  menu option is disabled if you have read-only access to this file.
  • You cannot save a file as a new version within Microsoft Office for the web. When you want to save your file as a new version, ensure you select the option that creates a new version of the file prior to editing the file. 
  1. Select next to the Microsoft Office file you want to edit as a new version and then select  Open. Alternatively, right-click the Microsoft Office file you want to edit as a new version and select Open
  2. Select one of the following. 
  • Edit new version in Word for the web to edit a Microsoft Word file as a new version. 
  • Edit new version in Excel for the web  to edit a Microsoft Excel file as a new version.
  • Edit new version in PowerPoint for the web to edit a Microsoft PowerPoint file as a new version.
The edit new version dialog box appears. 
  • Make necessary changes to author, comments, or title. 
  • (Optional) To view the security details of the file, select View Security Details . The security details are displayed. 
  • (Optional) In the security view, change the default security using the Default Security drop-down menu. The following options are available: Public, Private, and View
  • (Optional) In the security view, you can add users or groups by doing the following: 
    1. Select Add Users/Groups.
    2. Search and add user(s) or group(s) using the search field.
    3. Select the access type for the user(s) or group(s) added. The following options are available: Full Access, Read Only, Read/Write, and No Access
    4. To confirm the changes made, select Confirm . The user(s) or group(s) added now has the granted access to this document. 
    5. Select  to display edit new version dialog box. 
  • Select Create new version. A new version of the Microsoft Office file is created and opens in your browser tab or browser window.