iManage Tracker emails you a daily report of tasks across the checklists created for various matters. The report is sent to your configured email address only on working days of your organization, as configured by your administrator.

The report lists the tasks in the following categories:

  • My tasksLists of tasks that are assigned to you and the date when they are due.
    Figure: My tasks

  • Tasks assigned by meLists of tasks that you have assigned to other users and the date when they are due. If you or another user marks a task as complete, it appears in the report with the icon.
    Figure: Tasks assigned by me

Tasks in both these categories cease to appear in your report if they are reassigned to another user. They'll then appear in their report until the time the tasks get reassigned to someone else.

Daily email report of other users' tasks and updates on the trackers you follow

iManage Tracker sends you a daily report of the tasks for users and groups and updates about the trackers you have selected using the Preferences option. The updates are listed separately for each user and have the same components and features as the updates you receive for your tasks. For more information, refer to the following section.

Figure: Other users' updates 

If there are no updates for a user you follow, the daily report mentions so.

Select Manage the tracker(s) you follow to change the list of trackers for which you receive email updates. Select Manage email preferences at the end of the email to change the list of users and groups for whom you receive email updates.

Components and features 

The daily report includes the following components and features that enable you to keep track of your tasks:

  • Tasks due and overdue:
    • Due today and within three working days from the current date.
    • Overdue during the last seven working days. After listing overdue tasks for a week, the report stops including them and only a total count of such tasks is displayed.
  • New: Tasks created after the last time the task report was sent.
  • Recent activities: May not be due or overdue and may not even have a date assigned. New task or any update activity within the different fields of the task (for my tasks and also the tasks I assigned to other users) after the last time email was sent.
    Figure: Recent activities for tasks you assigned
  • Navigation to Tracker: Select  adjacent to the task to open the checklist to which the task is added.


    If you have full or Read/Write access to the matter, all tasks in the checklist are displayed. If you're granted ad-hoc permission for a particular task, only that task is visible to you when the checklist opens.

  • Tasks overdue for more than 7 days: The daily report simply displays a count of all tasks in each category that are overdue for more than a week and states that they aren't listed.
  • Changes made: Changes other users or you made to the tasks in the checklist including custom fields. Tracker level updates aren't sent as part of the email.
    For example, changes to the assignee, changes at the workspace level that affect the access rights of assigner/assignee/others, status and due date, file attachments, and so on. The name of the user is displayed along with information about the change.
  • Colors: The following colors are used for due dates to indicate the status of tasks: 
    • Green: Tasks due today.
    • Red: Tasks overdue. 
    • Blue: Tasks due for a period within three days from the current date. For example, for the report sent on July 21, the dates of all tasks due from July 22 to 24 are listed in blue. If non-working days fall in between these three working days, tasks due on those days will also be part of the report.


      Blue is also used for names of files attached to tasks.