Quick setup post installation

  1. After you have run the iManage Drive installer, select the iManage Drive images/download/attachments/125073848/NoAccount.png menulet in your Mac menu bar. The wizard to set up the application appears.
    The menulet appears white to indicate that no iManage account is available currently.

  2. Select Set up iManage Drive.
    Figure: Quick setup wizard

  3. In the Enter iManage Work URL field, enter the URL to iManage Work and select Authenticate.


    If your administrator has pre-configured the set up, the Choose iManage Work URL field appears with one or more iManage Work URLs pre-populated for this field. For more information, refer to the extra_hosts option in the Configuring user settings section in iManage Drive for Mac Administration Guide.

    If prompted, enter the user ID and password to sign in to iManage Work. The Select Matters to Sync screen is displayed.
    The Recent Matters tab is selected by default and displays the workspaces that you recently accessed in iManage Work.

  4. Hover the mouse cursor over a workspace and choose +Select. The workspace is moved to the Selected Matters pane and appears greyed out in the matters list.
    (Optional) Choose other workspaces for syncing from My Matters tab or search for them using the Find Matters search box.
    (Optional) To remove a workspace from the Selected Matters pane, select images/download/thumbnails/125073848/RemoveMatter.png .


    • iManage Drive limits the number of the workspaces that users can sync to 50. The recommended number of documents that can be synced is up to 100,000 documents.

    • For efficient handling and syncing of content, we recommend that each workspace must contain no more than 10,000 folders.

  5. The I want to select which folders to sync option is enabled by default. Select Continue and select the folders to sync. For more information, Selecting the folders to sync.
    (Optional) Clear the I want to select which folders to sync option if you do not want wish to select the folders for syncing.

  6. After you have selected all workspaces/folders that you want to sync to your Mac, select Sync. A message is displayed in the wizard asking you to wait while the content from the selected workspaces is synced to your mapped folder on your Mac and the iManage Drive menulet in the Mac menu bar starts turning blue images/download/thumbnails/125073848/Syncing_-_Blue.png to indicate the progress of the sync activity. Additionally, notifications appear in the upper-right corner of the screen when the sync starts and ends for each workspace.

  7. The wizard notifies you when all workspaces are synced. Select Open iManage Drive to open the mapped folder on your Mac where the workspaces are synced or select the iManage Driveimages/download/thumbnails/125073848/Online.png menulet in the Mac menu bar to change preferences or modify application settings.