Configuring iManage Work URL and signing in

  1. Create a new document in any one of the supported Google Docs Editors (Docs/Sheets/Slides) or open an existing Docs, Sheets, or Slides document, and select Add-ons > iManage Work > Save to iManage Work.

    Figure: Save to iManage Work option

  2. In iManage Work URL, update the URL of the iManage Work Server that you want to connect to and select Next.


    Contact your administrator for the iManage Work URL. Ensure the URL is allow llisted and the iManage Work for Google Workspace is registered on the iManage Work Server that you want to connect to.

    Figure: iManage Work URL field


  3. Select Authorize access to sign in with your iManage Work credentials. A success message is displayed and the Save document screen is displayed in the iManage Work panel.