Saving a document as a new version or a new document

When you edit a Google document that is already saved to iManage Work, you must save it again to ensure that the latest changes are uploaded to iManage Work. If you select: Save as a new document, options similar to those for saving a new document are displayed. Perform the steps provided in Saving a Google document to iManage Work to save the document as a different file.

If you select Save as a new version, the Save as a new version panel appears with the Description, Author, and Class fields populated by default.


If the iManage Work panel is not open, select Add-ons > iManage Work > Save to iManage Work. If your sign-in session has expired or if you had previously signed out of iManage Work Server, you are prompted to sign in again. Select Authorize access. The iManage Work panel displays the Save document screen with the Save as a new version and Save as a new document options.

Figure: Save as a new version

  1. Select PDF (default) or DOCX.


    In addition to PDF , the XLSX and PPTX options are displayed for Google Sheets and Google Slides respectively instead of the DOCX option.

  2. (Optional) In Comments, enter the required text.

  3. Select File. The Save document screen is displayed again with the document version incremented by one—for example, the document version 2 shown here is saved as version 3.