iManage Work for Google Workspace enables Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) users to save their files to iManage Work and ensure that all content in the organization resides in a single, secured, and governed repository. The content is searchable and shareable from a single place.

The add-on is available in Google Marketplace, requires no complex setup, and enables integration with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. After the administrator configures it, users can download the add-on and start accessing the integration from the Add-ons option on the toolbar in the Google Docs Editor where they are authoring. After the content is filed to iManage, others users in the organization who want to collaborate can access it in a secure and governed environment.

  • Available where you work: You need not use a separate application or move out of the Google Docs Editor that you are working in. The add-on inconspicuously opens in a panel within the Google Docs Editor. You can navigate to the desired location in iManage Work and save the content as a PDF or Microsoft document. The document in iManage Work is shared with others in the organization and when the users open the document from iManage Work, they are redirected to Google docs so that they can edit the document right where it originated.

  • Knowledge management: iManage Work for Google Workspace enables you to overcome the challenge of making content created in Google Workspace visible across the organization. Users in the organization can search for all content in iManage Work, the document management system that you are already using.

  • Flexible solution: Though a large number of people continue to use Microsoft Office Suite, several others prefer Google Workspace to be productive using their mobile devices when they travel. iManage Work for Google Workspace enables you to use the content creation tool and device of their choice.

  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration without compromising security: You can productively collaborate through Google Docs by sharing the content with the rest of the organization, even if they are not on Google Workspace. You can also share the content in iManage Work with third-parties using iManage Share. A complete audit trail is maintained and you can be assured that the content is secure and governed per the security settings configured in iManage Work.