Saving a new document using locations in the iManage Work panel

If you have enabled display of filing locations within the panel, the iManage Work panel displays the following options when you select a format and then select Save to iManage Work:

Figure: Filing locations in the panel

  1. In Search, enter the name of the folder where you want to save the document and select the Enter/Return key or select images/download/thumbnails/135365220/SearchButton.png . Alternatively, select images/download/thumbnails/135365220/FolderArrow.png to search for Clients or Matters.
    Select one of the following and navigate manually to the required folder:

    • Recent Folders

    • My Matters

    • My Favorites

    • Recent Clients

    • Recent Matters

  2. (Optional) From the images/download/thumbnails/135365220/Lib_DropDown.png drop-down list, select the libraries (in addition to the preferred library that is selected by default) for which you want to display filing locations when you select Recent Folders, Recent Clients, and Recent Matters. All libraries that you have access to on the currently connected server appear in the drop-drop list.
    You can change the library selection whenever you want a more focused view by deselecting any library including the preferred library.


    By default, My Favorites and My Matters display filing locations from all libraries on the server that you are connected to, even when they are not selected in the libraries drop-down list.

  3. (Optional) Select images/download/thumbnails/135365220/SearchBackButton.png to go back to the screen that displays the saving options.

  4. Select File for the folder. A message appears informing you that the document is filed to iManage Work.


If you had previously saved a Google document to another iManage Work Server using the iManage Work for Google Workspaces add-on, a message appears informing you that any reference to the document would be lost and you must confirm whether you want to save it again as a new document to the current server. Select Save.

Optional steps after saving a document

Perform the following steps, as required, after the document is saved:

  • Select the document name to open it in iManage Work.

  • Select images/download/thumbnails/135365220/ClosePanel.png in the upper-right corner of the panel to close it. The panel opens again whenever you select Add-ons > iManage Work > Save to iManage Work.

  • Select images/download/thumbnails/135365220/Menu.png > Logout to sign out of iManage Work and close the iManage Work panel in your Google Docs Editor.

  • Select Save as a new version or Save as a new document to save the document again. For more information, see Saving a document as a new version or a new document.