Downloading and installing iManage Work for Google Workspace using Marketplace URL


Before you install and start using iManage Work for Google Workspaces, ensure that your administrator has registered the add-on for the iManage Work Server that you plan to connect to.

  1. Sign in to your Google Workspace account.

  2. Select the following link to view the Google Workspace Marketplace listing for the add-on:

  3. Select Install.

    Figure: iManage Work for Google Workspace


  4. Read the terms of service and privacy policy using the links provided and then s elect Continue.

    Figure: Continue button


  5. Select the account you want to use and authenticate by providing your credentials.

    Figure: Select an account


  6. Review the list of permissions that the add-on requires and select Allow.

    Figure: Permission required


    iManage Work for Google Workspace is successfully installed and a quick demo is displayed about how to access the add-ons in all three Google Docs Editors (Docs, Sheets and Slides).

    Figure: Add-on installed


  7. Select Done.