Accessing iManage Drive Log

To view the iManage Drive log file that records the events that occur when you install and use the application:

  1. Select the iManage Drive images/download/thumbnails/125049789/Menulet.png icon in the Windows taskbar.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the application UI, select the Access iManage Drive settings images/download/thumbnails/125049789/Settings.png icon.

  3. Select:

  • Show iManage Drive Log: To open the log file.

  • Show iManage Drive Log Folder: To open the folder that contains the log file.

For configuring or detecting proxies using the Preferences > Proxies tab, logging is enhanced to help narrow down potential proxy problems for troubleshooting purposes. The enhanced logging includes:

  • Value that is set for the proxy (no proxy/auto/manual).

  • Information about whether the server name, port, and credentials are being read correctly.