Account settings

I n the admin mode, the following additional options are available on the iManage Drive Accounts page (Access iManage Drive Settings images/download/thumbnails/134252651/Settings.png icon > Account settings) that is used to configure the settings for the iManage Work accounts that you want to connect to:


To change the role from user to admin, refer to the user_role setting option mentioned in Configuring user settings.

  • Work Agent Token Settings: This option ensures that iManage Drive connects to the same iManage Work account as iManage Work Agent every time:

    • iManage Drive syncs the connection with the Agent.

    • The application is restarted.

    It is selected by default and grayed out. Though users are connected to another iManage Work account, the application switches the account whenever a sync activity is performed or iManage Drive is restarted.

  • Server Authentication Settings: The iManage Work accounts that are added to iManage Drive may require you to enter your user name and password for signing in. If you do not want to be prompted to authenticate yourself, clear the Prompt for Authentication check box that is selected by default.