Changing iManage Drive directories

You can change the following directories iManage Drive uses by changing the options mentioned here:

iManage Drive working directory: Directory where users create and modify their folders and files. The following is the default directory for Microsoft Windows:

  • $USERPROFILE\iManageDrive if USERPROFILE environment variable is set.

  • $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH\iManageDrive if USERPROFILE environment is not set and HOMEPATH and HOMEDRIVE environment variables are set.

  • $HOMEPATH\iManageDrive if USERPROFILE and HOMEDRIVE environment variables are not set and HOMEPATH environment variable is set.

Change the working directory using the following environmental variables:



if you have set the DRIVE_USER_ROOT_DIR, then the working directory would be: <DRIVE_USER_ROOT_DIR>\<username>. You must add DRIVE_USER_ROOT_DIR as an environment variable. For information about adding an environmental variable, see Adding environment variables to system properties.

iManage Drive data directory: Directory where iManage Drive saves data into dababases. It contains encrypted file storage, log files, and so on. The default directory for iManage Drive data directory is %LOCALAPPDATA%\iManage\GoDrive.

Change data directory using the following admin settings:



Use IMANAGE_DRIVE_APP_DATA_DIR_ROOT to change the location for storing iManage Drive application data. If this option is not set, the default path is LOCALAPPDATA which usually is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local. If set, this overrides the value for the LOCALAPPDATA enviornment variable. For example, IMANAGE_DRIVE_APP_DATA_DIR_ROOT: D:\drive_root


  • Use this option if you cannot change the value for LOCALAPPDATA.

  • Set a unique value for each user so that users do not overwrite each others data, for example—D:\drive_root\<username>.

iManage Drive encrypted files directory: Directory that contains encrypted files that are references from iManage Drive working directory. The default directory for the iManage Drive encrypted file storage directory is %LOCALAPPDATA%\iManage\GoDrive\files.

Change the location for encrypted file directory using the following environment variable: IMANAGE_DRIVE_FILES_DIR. For example, set the value to E:\drive\<username>.

If this environment variable is not set, the encrypted files are stored at the default location where iManage Drive data is stored or whatever location is set using IMANAGE_DRIVE_APP_DATA_DIR_ROOT.
Example: IMANAGE_DRIVE_FILES_DIR: E:\drive\<username>


  • Each of these directories can be set to the same or different drive as required. However, if an admin setting is enabled, the admin setting overrides the environment variable setting.

  • "I f there is an admin setting, then that may override the environment variable setting"

  • In the aforementioned environment variables, replace the <username> variable with the actual username.

  • The descriptions and the default options (if any) for these settings are mentioned in Configuring user settings

Adding environment variables to system properties

You must add all the environment variables to the system properties by doing the following:

  1. Search and select Edit the system environment variables. The System Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Under Advanced tab, select Environment Variables. The Environmental Variable dialog box appears.

  3. Select New. The New System Variable dialog box appears.

  4. In the Variable name field, enter the environmental variable, for example, DRIVE_USER_ROOT_DIR.

  5. In the Variable value field, enter the variable value, for example, M:\Admin

For additional information about how to add environment variables visit the following pages:


The IMANAGE_DRIVE_FILES_DIR environment variable should be unique for each user. Two users should not have the same value for the IMANAGE_DRIVE_FILES_DIR environment variable.