Installing iManage Drive manually (without Auto Updates)


The latest version of iManage Drive Native is The previous versions of iManage Drive Native installer did not unload mini-filter if it was installed using iManage Drive update service. Hence, we recommend you to upgrade iManage Drive Native using one of the steps provided in the Upgrading iManage Drive Native section.

  1. Download the iManage Drive for Windows installation package (.zip) from iManage Help Center.

  2. Unzip the file and run the iManage Native File System installer.

  3. Run the iManage Drive installer, select Install and follow the instructions.
    iManage Drive is installed on your device.

  4. Search and launch iManage Drive and set it up. For more information, see Quick setup post-installation.

Silent installation

As an administrator, you can silently install the iManage Drive Native installer in bulk/remotely for the users in your organization by:

  • navigating to the directory where the Native installer is downloaded/placed and

  • running the iManageDriveNative.exe /silent command using a command line interface.

The installation is completed without user prompts or interaction and does away with the need to restart the system as in the case of the regular manual installation.