Centralized deployment of configuration settings

If you want all iManage Work Desktop for Mac users in your organization use the default configuration settings you provide, set the MDM Payload option in the com.imanage.configuration.plist file to true . The default value is false. For information about deploying the application using MDM, refer to Deploying iManage Work Desktop for Mac using MDM.

<key>MDM Payload</key>

Update the other options in the com.imanage.configuration.plist file as required, and push it to the root-level library using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application. The configuration file is copied to the user-level library and the settings are applied for all users signed in to the Mac devices.

You can also turn off the permission prompts, which macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey, and macOS Ventura (Beta 11 build onwards) display to users, for providing consent to access certain services from their Macs. To turn off permission prompts, push the Work for Mac.mobileconfig file using MDM. For more information, refer to the Turning off permission prompts section in Security configuration.