Configuring Auto Updates

These options enable you to configure the settings for automatically updating the application.

  • defaultFeedURL: Specify the HTTP or HTTPS URL of the web server where the latest updates for iManage Work Desktop for Mac are hosted as the string value.
    <string><URL of the server where the latest build is hosted></string>

  • updateCheckInterval: Specify the number of seconds between updates. The default is 86400 (1 day). Setting the value to 0 disables auto updates checks. The minimum acceptable value is 3600 (1 hour) to prevent you from accidentally overloading your servers.

  • Disable AutoUpdates: Disable the display of auto updates notifications for iManage Work Desktop for Mac (set the value to true). The default is false (auto updates notifications are displayed). When this option is set to true, the Check for Updates option in the iManage Agent menulet is disabled, that is, it appears dimmed.
    <key>Disable AutoUpdates</key>