Disabling the Filed to iManage label for emails dragged to iManage Work folders

You can add the Default Drag and Drop option and set it to true if you do not want the Filed to iManage label to be applied to the emails that users drag into a folder in iManage Work by using the Microsoft Outlook panel. In this scenario, an iManage Agent notification is displayed in the iManage Work panel notifying you of the filing progress and completion but the Filed to iManage label is not applied.


Ensure that the Preferences > Delete emails after filing option is cleared in iManage Agent else the emails will be moved (deleted from Microsoft Outlook) to iManage Work after filing.

If the option is not added or set it to false (default value), the label is applied.


<key>Default Drag and Drop</key>


To ensure that the changes to this option are applied, restart the iManage Agent:

  1. Select the Quit option on the images/download/thumbnails/163629765/MenuletIcon.png menulet in the Mac menubar.

  2. Select the iManage Agent app icon in the dock to display the menulet again.