Check-in default

Select one of the following options to configure the behavior when an iManage Work document is checked in from your Mac to iManage Work (after you save the changes and quit or close the application):

  • Replace Original: The document in iManage Work is updated with the latest changes that you made, and the version number remains unchanged. The edit time and file size information is updated.

  • New Document: The document is saved again to iManage Work with the same name and a new document number. The original document in iManage Work remains unaffected.

  • New Version: The original document in iManage Work remains unchanged. A new version of the document is created from the original document and all changes are saved to the new version.

The file that is downloaded to the Documents > iManage folder during checkout is removed from this folder after check-in.


To prevent accidental loss of data, the downloaded document remains in this folder if the check-in fails for any reason. When you open the document the next time from iManage Work, the local copy is moved from this folder to the Documents/iManage/backup folder. You can check in the document using the Check In Documents option on the iManage menulet. For more information, refer to the Checking out and checking in Documents section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac User Guide 10.6.0.