I see the "com.automator.runner.xpc is not allowed assistive access." error message while inserting iManage Work documents into Apple emails. What should I do?
Add and enable using System Preferences:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

  2. On the Privacy tab under Accessibility, select the images/download/thumbnails/163631364/Screen_Shot_2018-03-09_at_3.02.38_PM.png icon and enter your Mac password when prompted.

  3. Select the Add an applicationimages/download/thumbnails/163631364/Screen_Shot_2018-03-09_at_3.08.08_PM.png button.

  4. Select Applications > Mail, then select Open. Apple Mail is added to the list of apps that are allowed to control your computer.

If left idle, the iManage Agent becomes unresponsive after some time. How can i fix this?

Quit the iManage Agent using the Activity Monitor and then relaunch it by selecting the iManage Agent icon in the dock or the iManage Agent shortcut on the desktop. This resolves the issue without the need to restart the machine.