Log files

The following table lists the log files that record the events that occur when you install and use iManage Work Desktop for Mac. To locate these files:

  1. Right-click the Finder and select Go to Folder, or click on your Mac desktop and then select the Go menu > Go to Folder option.

  2. Type the file location and select Go. The folder that contains the file opens.

Table: iManage Work Desktop for Mac log files

File Name





.PKG file log.


/Users/<current logged on username>/Library/Logs/iManage

Captures the configuration details of the Mac desktop. It covers information about nodes and dependency modules installation status.

iManage Agent-<log number>.log

Captures the operations done by imanage agent.app (which is menulet).

iManage Application Integration-<log number>.log

Captures the operations done by imanage application integration.app. It dumps all details about the actions done from integrated applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and so on.


Logs for the actions on the Services menu in applications.


iManage Agent and iManage Application Integration actions are captured as multiple log files. A number is appended to the names of these files to identify the latest log files.