Enabling server-side filing

By default, the Microsoft Outlook client uses client-side filing even if the server supports server-side filing when:

  • Using the File option or

  • Users drag-and-drop emails into the iManage Work panel

If this option is disabled, server-side filing is used, provided it is enabled. To enable server-side filing, your iManage Work administrator must install and configure the iManage Work Communications Server. Detailed instructions are provided in the iManage Communications Server for Exchange Administration Guide.


Client-side filing threshold option is no longer applicable.

In addition, the following registry key must be set on the iManage Work Server to enable server-side filing:


Set the following DWORD value:
Name: ServerSideFiling
Value: 1

For more information, refer to the "Client-Side Filing Options" section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.