Upgrading to iManage Work Desktop for Windows from iManage Work 10

If you already have a previous version of iManage Work Desktop for Windows installed, there is no need to uninstall it. You can upgrade to iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0 using one of the following options:

Using iManage auto installer

iManage recommends that you install or upgrade iManage Work clients using the iManage auto installer which automatically downloads and installs iManage Agent Services and iManage Work Desktop for Windows based on Microsoft Office bitness. This option has Auto Updates enabled offering you the benefit of staying up-to-date with the latest features, enhancement, and/or bug fixes that are released by iManage. Updates are seamlessly installed on your desktop without uninstalling existing application(s).

For installation instructions, see Installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows using iManage auto installer .

Using individual installers

  1. Close all Office and Adobe applications.

  2. Double-click iManageAgentServices.exe to install iManage Agent Services, which deploys a few key components required for the latest version of iManage Work Desktop for Windows.

  3. Double-click "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe" for 64-bit Microsoft Office or "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe" for 32-bit Microsoft Office.

  4. Accept the License terms and conditions.

  5. Select Install.

  6. Follow the installer prompts.


    The installer automatically disables Protected-Mode for plugins in Adobe Reader, Adobe Pro, and Adobe Standard. This allows these Adobe applications to load plugins.


    From 10.2.7 onwards, you can disable the iManage Auto Update functionality by using the following command line when installing iManage Agent Services: iManageAgentServices.exe AUTO_UPDATE=0 or iManageAgentServices.exe /silent AUTO_UPDATE=0. The command line parameters are case-sensitive.