Installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows in a remote desktop session host environment

From release 10.1.1 onwards, a new Windows service named 'iManage Work Agent Web Service' was added to handle communication between the iManage Work client and the iManage Work Agent. This adds support for installing in Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) environments, for example, Citrix terminal server or Windows machines that host multiple users.

To install Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0 in a multi-user environment with the new Windows service, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the full install package and extract the executables for iManage Agent Services and iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0.

  2. Double-click iManageAgentServices.exe.

  3. Run the following command at the command prompt and follow the standard installation prompts to complete the installation:
    For 64-bit version of Microsoft Office: "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe"
    For 32-bit version of Microsoft Office: "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe"

For silent installation, run the following commands in the specified order:

  1. iManageAgentServices.exe /silent

  2. For 64-bit Microsoft Office: "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe" /Silent
    For 32-bit Microsoft Office: "iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe" /Silent


    • The iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe and iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe files are available in the full install package.

    • The first time installation of the iManage Work Agent Web Service requires a system restart to activate the new system event source used for logging the events that occur in the Service. The logged events can be viewed in the event viewer under Applications and Services Logs > WorkAgent. The new Service automatically starts after server logon. If you want to update the installation when the new Service is already running, stop the iManage Work Agent Web Service, install the product, and restart the Service.

    • iManage recommends disabling the Auto Update functionality in Remote Desktop Session Host environments.


    From 10.2.7 onwards, you can disable the iManage Auto Update functionality by using the following command line when installing iManage Agent Services: iManageAgentServices.exe AUTO_UPDATE=0 or iManageAgentServices.exe /silent AUTO_UPDATE=0. The command line parameters are case-sensitive.

Registry setting

The ValidateCheckoutLocation registry setting was added in 10.1.1 and later to fix NT-71246: If users are connected to a Citrix farm, they cannot check in a document from a Citrix machine other than the machine from which they checked out the document.

This issue occurs because during check in, the document's checkout location is validated against the current machine name of the logged on user. To bypass this check, add the following registry setting and set it to 0 (disabled):


For all users:



For each logged on user:


If the registry setting is not found at either location, the default value (1) is enabled.


Name: ValidateCheckoutLocation


  • 0: Disabled

  • 1: Enabled (default value)

Changing the installation path

If you do not want to install iManage Work Desktop for Windows in the Program Files\iManage folder, use the command line interface to set the desired path as the INSTALLDIR:

For 64-bit Microsoft Office:

iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe INSTALLDIR=<Path of the folder where you want to install the application. For example, c:\MyNewDir>

For 32-bit Microsoft Office:

iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe INSTALLDIR=<Path of the folder where you want to install the application. For example, c:\MyNewDir>