Opening port 17870

You may need to open port 17870 if you use third party firewalls. Windows firewall does not interfere with any calls to the iManage Work Agent, because the Agent listens on the loopback only ( But other third party firewalls may interfere and therefore need to be configured to allow inbound calls to or

If iManage Work Desktop for Windows is installed in multiuser environments such as Citrix, the iManage Work Agent Service listens on 17870 and individual Work Agent instances running under each logged in user's account listen on the range of ports immediately above 17870 (17871 to … ).

Also, if your organization uses an internet proxy and calls to get routed to the proxy, they cannot be routed back because resolves to loopback ( To prevent this, you must add to the whitelist of excluded sites.


To uninstall iManage Work Desktop for Windows and use only iManage FileSite or iManage DeskSite 9.3.7 or later on a machine, you must fully reinstall iManage FileSite or iManage DeskSite to have full functionality.