Installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows - full install package

To install the product without relying on iManage auto installer to automatically download and install the required components, install iManage Agent Services and iManage Work Desktop individually using the full install package:


Use full installation package to install iManage Work Desktop for Windows when using iManage auto installer is not feasible.

  1. Sign in (using an administrator account) to the computer on which you want to install the application.

  2. Ensure iManage FileSite, iManage DeskSite, or any other iManage Work add-ons are completely uninstalled.

  3. Confirm all prerequisite software is installed.

  4. Close all Microsoft Office and Adobe applications.

  5. Kill the iManageStayExec process tree.

    1. Right-click the Windows taskbar and then click Task Manager.

    2. Select the Details tab.

    3. Locate iManageStayExec.exe in the list of processes.

    4. Right-click iManageStayExec.exe and select End process tree.

  6. Install each product component manually in the following order:

    1. iManageAgentServices.exe (iManage Agent Services)


      iManage Agent Services 10.8.0 is a prerequisite for installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0. If iManage Agent Services 10.8.0 is unavailable when users try installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows, a message is displayed informing that iManage Agent Services is required to install the application.


      Auto Updates are enabled by default and f rom 10.2.7 onwards , you can disable the iManage Auto Update functionality by using the following command line when installing iManage Agent Services : iManageAgentServices.exe /silent AUTO_UPDATE=0 . The command line parameters are case-sensitive.

    2. iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx64.exe or iManageWorkDesktopforWindowsx86.exe based on Microsoft Office bitness (iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0).


      The executables disable Protected-Mode for plugins in Adobe Reader, Adobe Pro, and Adobe Standard. This allows these Adobe applications to load plugins.

      Follow the installer prompts for each component and restart the machine after completing the manual installation .

  1. Restart the computer. If you do not wish to restart the computer, restart the iManageStayExec process.

    1. Select Start, and then select inside the search box.

    2. Enter services.

    3. Select the search result with the same name.

    4. Select the Name column to sort the services. Scroll down till you find the iManageStayExec process.

    5. Right click the iManageStayExec process.

    6. Select Start.

    7. Ensure that the Status column displays Running for this process.


      If the iManageStayExec process does not start, restart your computer.