Turning off Auto Updates

If you need to turn off Auto Updates, perform the following:

  • Stop iManage Update Manager from checking for software updates.

  • Hide menu options related to Auto Updates in iManage Work Agent.


It is recommended to disable the Auto Updates feature on Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) environments, for example, Citrix terminal server or Windows machines that host multiple users.

Stopping the updates check by Update Manager

iManage Update Manager periodically runs iManage Updater to check for software updates. This check is performed based on the setting for the autoUpdateEnabled property, which is available in the UpdateManagerConfiguration.xml file. By default, the autoUpdateEnabled property is set to true. You can disable this behavior as follows:

  1. Open the UpdateManagerConfiguration.xml file, located at %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\configs.

  2. Set the value to false for the autoUpdateEnabled property.

    <!-- checkForUpdateIntervalSeconds sets the number of seconds between checks for updates. -->
    <!-- autoUpdateEnabled is true if auto-update is to be enabled. -->


With the autoUpdateEnabled option disabled, the HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu option in the imWorkOptions.xml must be set to Y else the check for updates will fail.

Hiding menu options related to Auto Updates

If you do not want the Auto Updates-related menu options to be visible to your end-users, add the following registry setting:

  • Location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iManage\Work\10.0\Client

  • Key: HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu


  • Value: 0x00000001 (1 - hexadecimal)

Alternatively, you can use the HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu option to hide the Auto Updates-related menu options. For more information, refer to "iManage Work Agent options" in the imWorkOptions.xml section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.


  • The HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu registry setting in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iManage\Work\10.0\Client hive is overwritten by this configuration.

  • The changed setting applies 1 minute after the Work Agent is restarted or 30 minutes after the option is changed in the configuration file.