Inserting iManage Work attachment

  1. On the Home tab in Microsoft Outlook, select New Email.

  2. In the iManage Work group, select Insert iManage Attachment. The Select dialog box appears. It displays the locations on the iManage Work Server that you are currently connected to.


    • The Insert iManage Attachment option is also available on the Insert ribbon bar in the message window.

    • If you insert an iManage link, the format of the hyperlink is now a simple hyperlink that defaults to the name of the document in the body of the email.

    • If you insert multiple attachments into an email, each link will be listed on a separate line.

    • If any text in the body of the email is already selected at the time of inserting the iManage Attachment, this text will be used for the link description.

    • Dragging and dropping a document from the iManage Work Panel into an open email will continue to generate a hyperlink to the document in a table format.

    (Optional) To insert attachments from locations on other iManage Work Servers, select the desired server from the Connect to server list to view the updated contents list, and navigate to the desired location.

  3. Locate the desired iManage Work document and select it. For more information, see Filing an email and Using the search box.

  4. Select Attach File. The document is attached to the email. Alternatively, select the Attach File images/download/thumbnails/85085786/AttachFileDropdown.png drop-down button and select Attach Link or Attach File and Link.


    The iwAttachmentFileNameFormat option enables you to customize the attachment name. For more information, refer to the imWorkOptions.xml section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.