Sending secure attachments

The Secure Send option is available on the EM task pane in the email window that opens when you compose new emails, or reply to or forward emails. It enables you to:

  • Obtain the file link that can be sent instead of an attachment to any user who has a valid email address.

  • Send files that exceed the server’s attachment size threshold as links.

  • Control access to the file by specifying the duration for which the file link is active, and whether recipients can give access to additional users.

  • Preview the uploaded document in iManage Share before sending it.


The Secure Send feature requires iManage Share to be deployed and configured for your users. For more information, refer to the Installing iManage Share Agent section in iManage Work 10.2 Server Installation Guide.


From 10.2.6 onwards, the Secure Send option is now available to iManage Cloud users. Besides other benefits, it also enables you to control access to the file by specifying the duration for which the file link is active, and whether recipients can give access to additional users.

  1. Open a new email window, enter the email ID of the users you want to send the secure attachment to and the email subject.

  2. Drag the Secure Send images/download/thumbnails/81004067/SecureSendSlider.png slider to the right to enable the feature. The Secure Send pane is displayed in the right corner with the Attachments tab selected by default. A message is displayed in the EM task pane informing you that email attachments will be uploaded to iManage Share, and that you can control access to the attachments.


    If iManage Work Desktop for Windows is installed in compatibility mode with DeskSite or FileSite and the iManage Share plugin is installed, the Send with iManage Share option is displayed. It is recommended that you do not select this option. Use the Secure Send feature instead.

  3. Select Attach File, browse for the file, and select Insert. An HTML link to the file is attached to the email, and the document name and size is displayed in the Attachments list. Repeat this step to attach more files. The files are uploaded in the Share folder that you created. For more information, see the Creating a New Share Folder in a Matter section in iManage Work Help.
    If the file size exceeds the limit allowed by the server, you are prompted to upload it to iManage Share.


    The attachment size threshold can be set using the Exchange Server, and iManage Work Desktop for Windows client configuration settings. Both settings are referred to determine the threshold size of email attachments. The value in the configuration file is normally less than the value set in the Exchange Server. For more information, refer to the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.

  4. (Optional) Select images/download/attachments/81004067/DocTasks.png and then select Copy Link. You or others users you share this link with can select it to request access to the files.

  5. (Optional) In the Secure Send pane, select the Settings tab:

    • Select the Expires on drop-down arrow to select the appropriate date.

    • Clear the Access restricted to email recipients check box to ensure that any user the email is forwarded to can download the link (not just the recipients of the email).


    If supported and enabled on your iManage Share server, an option to add a watermark to the documents that you send is available.

  6. Select Send. The Select Filing Location dialog box is displayed. Select Send Only to send the email without filing it, or select a location and select Send and File.
    The email with the HTML attachment to download the files is sent to the users.

Accessing the Secure Attachment

  1. Select the HTML attachment in the email. The page displays the lists the attachments and mentions the name of the user who shared it with you.

  2. Select Request Access.

  3. Enter your email ID and select Get Access. A link is sent to your email.

  4. Select Open Download Page. A page that lists the attachments is displayed. Select each attachment to download it or select Download All.