i Manage Drive is an iManage Work client application for the Microsoft Windows and the MacOS platforms. It enables you to select workspaces from iManage Work, sync them to your local drive, download the content to be made available in your local computer to access the content anytime and anywhere, and make the files in these workspaces available on your computer for access anytime and anywhere, even without internet connectivity. The synchronization feature ensures that changes made to the document from anywhere is reflected on user's local device and the copy of the document available in iManage Drive is always the latest at all times. The following are the features and benefits that iManage Drive offers its users:

  • Seamless experience, whether online or offline: When you sync workspaces to the local drive for the first time, the metadata of these workspaces and the folders and files they contain, is synced locally. If you download files for offline usage, you can edit them anytime, and the experience is the same whether you are online or offline. You can seamlessly switch between working with a file locally or in the iManage Work web client. For example, your organization has a complex folder structure, and while working on a file, you want to perform an advanced search in iManage Work. The integration with iManage Work ensures that:

    • All changes to the files in your Windows are automatically uploaded and synced to iManage Work Server.

    • All changes to the files in iManage Work are also synced to the files in your local drive. iManage Drive periodically checks for changes and keeps the local copy latest.

    Figure: Accessing an iManage Work file from the local drive



    The initial sync simply creates stubs of files, that is, the metadata information available in your local machine. T o open and work on files when offline, the files must be downloaded, or taken offline. You can take individual files offline as well as download an entire container (folder or workspace) for offline access using the Download (always keep on this device) option on the right-click menu.

  • Deep integration with iManage Work: Deep integration with iManage Work enables you to open any file in iManage Work web by using the View in Work Web option on the right-click menu for the file.

  • Support for non-integrated applications: You can open non-integrated files like .zip files, saved to iManage Work, in their native application from your local drive , and the changes made to these files are checked back in to iManage Work. New files from non-integrated applications that you copy to the iManage folders are uploaded to iManage Work when a sync happens.


    When you open any document using an application that has iManage Work integration—for example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Vision, Adobe Acrobat applications and so on, you have the option of using the iManage integration available in the application

    iManage Drive also enables you to zip the files in your iManage Drive and lets you upload the zip file to a third website —for example, a government or financial website. When you select files to create a zip file, if the files are not already downloaded to your mapped drive, they are dowloaded to the local drive first and then they are zipped . S imilarly, you can download files from a third party website directly into iManage Work by saving them into iManage Drive. The key benefit is that you do not have to download sensitive content in your local desktop before you upload it to iManage Work.

  • Enhanced productivity for remote employees: If you are a frequent traveler or work in places where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable, you can download iManage files to your local drive and continue working with the local copy of the file anytime and anywhere. The changes are synced when there is internet available . You do not have to keep uploading the changes as they automatically get synced to iManage Work when you go online.

  • Flexible use of disk space: iManage Drive brings only the metadata of the files to your local drive. As a user you can view all your workspaces, folders, and files without downloading the files. The benefit of this is that you never have to worry about disk space. You have to download the actual file only when you want to edit the file or access it offline.

  • Secure and reliable encryption: Each file in your iManage Drive is encrypted individually using Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES 256 bit encryption ). It can manage thousands of individually encrypted files that are stored locally and even the database is locally encrypted.