Changing preferences

Select the iManage Drive images/download/thumbnails/129993452/Menulet.png icon in the Windows taskbar, select the Access iManage Drive settings images/download/thumbnails/129993452/Settings.png icon > Preferences, then select the General tab to set preferences.

  1. Choose Select Matters to Sync, choose the workspaces you want to sync to your device, then select Sync. For more information about selecting matters for syncing, see steps 4 and 5 in Quick setup post installation.
    Figure: Select Matters to Sync dialog box


  2. Choose Select Folders , select the folders and sub-folders in the synced workspaces in the iManage Work Server that you are currently connected to, and then select Update . The content in the selected containers is downloaded and available for offline access.

  3. From the Check-In Options list, select the following options to determine the file check-in behavior when you modify a file in your local drive, save the changes, and close the file:

    1. New Version: Save the changes made to the file in your local drive as a new version of the file in iManage Work.


      This option is not recommended, as every time you save changes to the files, the changes are synced and saved to iManage Work as a new version.

    2. Replace Original: Replace the file in iManage Work with the local copy of the file. When you open an iManage file in your local drive and save the changes, the changes are synced back to iManage Work in the same file version.

  4. Select OK.