Quick access icons for common tasks

The following actions are available in the upper-right corner of the iManage Drive panel for the tasks that you generally perform using the application:

  • Sync now images/download/thumbnails/129993441/SyncNow.png : Manually synchronize the content in your local drive and the iManage Work account that iManage Drive is connected to.


    To refresh the content shown on the current tab in the iManage Drive panel, select the Refresh images/download/thumbnails/129993441/RefreshIcon.png icon available on every tab in the panel.

  • Select Matters to Sync images/download/thumbnails/129993441/SelectMattersToSync.png : Open the Select Matters to Sync dialog box and sync matters to your mapped drive or unlink matters that are already synced. For more information, see Quick setup post installation .

  • Open iManage Work Browser images/download/thumbnails/129993441/iManageWorkBrowser.png : Display the list of iManage Work accounts that are added to the application. Select the desired account from the drop-down list to access it using the web client.

  • Open iManage Drive Folder images/download/thumbnails/129993441/OpenDrive.png : Open the folder in your local drive where your synced workspaces are located.

  • Access iManage Drive settings images/download/thumbnails/129993441/Settings.png : Access the options to configure the application and close the application (using the Exit iManage Drive option). For more information, see Modifying account settings and preferences.