iManage Work Desktop for Mac seamlessly integrates iManage Work document management capabilities with Microsoft Office for Mac (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), iWork Suite, Adobe Acrobat (Pro DC and Reader DC), Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook. It enables you to:

  • Open, edit, and save documents to iManage Work from your Mac device.

  • Search for or browse to open your documents saved to iManage Work and check in the latest copies as new documents or new versions of existing documents.

  • Save email messages and attachments from Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook to iManage Work.

  • Send and File outgoing emails, and replies and forwards of existing emails.

  • Insert documents and/or links to documents from iManage Work into emails as attachments.

  • Insert documents and/or links to documents from iManage Work into Micosoft Outlook meeting invites as attachments.

  • Use NRL links to open documents in their native applications on Mac and save the changes you make to the documents in iManage Work.

  • Save Microsoft Office and iWork Suite documents to iManage Work as PDFs.

  • Add and remove footers for Microsoft Word documents saved to iManage Work.

  • Upload an entire folder from your Mac to iManage Work.

  • Link Microsoft Outlook folders for automatic filing, and copy or move the folders to iManage Work. Options available to file-and-delete the emails and file them as private emails.

  • View the filing status of an email filed individually or the emails that are queued up for filing as part of folder link, copy, or move tasks.

  • Drag single or multiple files, folders, emails, and attachments, or a combination of these from the Finder, any location in your Mac, and Microsoft Outlook to iManage Work.

  • File the attachments in calendar events that you receive or send out.

  • Open NRL links to workspaces, folders, or documents provided you have access to them in iManage Work.

  • Drag an email into the iManage Work view in the Microsoft Outlook panel to save the email and its attachments to iManage Work.


    iManage Work Server 10.3.3 onwards, emails dragged into iManage Work retain their metadata information. This is applicable when iManage Work Desktop for Mac launches iManage Work using:

    • Google Chrome browser that opens when the Enable Chrome Browser Authentication option is set to true. For more information, refer to the Configuring application settings section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide.

    • Safari browser that opens by default if Chrome browser isn't enabled.

  • Open documents from non-integrated applications using Preview app and then save the documents to iManage Work as PDFs.

  • Check for and install the latest application updates to enable you to use the latest features.

For more information, r efer to the FAQ section in the latest iManage Work Desktop for Mac Release Notes .