Saving emails and attachments

  1. Select the email that you want to save or the email for which you want to save the attachments.

  2. Select iManage Work from the toolbar. To add the option to the toolbar, refer to Adding the iManage Work option to the toolbar.

  3. From the panel that opens, select File. The Select filing location(s) dialog box appears.


    You cannot select a specific attachment for filing to iManage Work using the File option. You can only file all the attachments in the selected emails. To select and file only the attachments you want, select the Save attachments option in the iManage Work panel.

    Figure: Select filing locations


  4. Do one of the following:

    • To file to multiple locations:

      1. Select Add location, navigate to the desired location in iManage Work, and choose Select. The location is listed in the Select filing location(s) dialog.

      2. Repeat the previous step to select multiple filing locations.

      3. (Optional) Select images/download/thumbnails/163630523/RemoveFilingLocation.png to remove a location from the list.

      4. (Optional) Select the Private checkbox to ensure that other users don't have access to the filed email.

      5. (Optional) Select the Delete checkbox to ensure that the email gets deleted from Microsoft Outlook after being filed to iManage Work.

      6. When all filing locations are selected, choose Select on Select filing location(s) dialog.
        The email and all its attachments are saved to iManage Work.

    • To file to a single location:

      1. Select Browse and File.

      2. Navigate to the desired location in iManage Work.

      3. Choose Select.
        The email and all its attachments are saved to iManage Work.

  5. (Optional) View the filing locations by selecting Click here to view.
    Figure: Filing success message in the iManage Work panel



  • With the file all the emails in a conversation feature turned on, if you file one of the emails to multiple locations then all emails in the conversation get filed to multiple locations. For more information about filing conversations, refer to File all emails in a conversation thread.

  • You can also drag email attachments to the desired folder in iManage Work. For more information, refer to Dragging folders, files, emails, and attachments into iManage Work.

  • For Microsoft Outlook emails that are saved to iManage Work, the images/download/thumbnails/163630523/FiledLabel.png label appears in the list view and to the right-side of the email subject in the reading pane. T he filing location is displayed at the top of the iManage Work panel.

Figure: Filed email (with attachment) to multiple locations