Dragging emails from Inbox to Work folders

  1. In the Work Panel, navigate to the iManage Work folder where you want to file the email.

  2. Select the email and drag it to the folder.

  3. (Optional) Select multiple emails and drag them to the folder, or repeat steps 1 and 2 for each email if you want to file them to separate folders.
    The images/download/thumbnails/173909301/Status_Filed.png icon is displayed for the filed emails.


    Select Refresh to update the folder contents immediately and view the filed emails.

By default, the email is copied to the folder to which you dragged it but if your administrator enables the DefaultDragAndDropIsMove option, the email is moved to the iManage folder and the Deleted Items folder in Microsoft Outlook. For more information, refer to the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.

If the default behavior is set to copy, but you want to move an email to an iManage Work folder, press the Shift key and drag the email. To copy an email when the behavior is set to move, press the Ctrl key and drag it.


From version 10.6.0 onwards, Delete, Print, and Private options available in the EMM toolbar when selected is applied when users drags emails to iManage Work Panel for filing or use Quick File for filing. As a result of these changes, the DefaultDragAndDropIsMove configuration setting is deprecated and is applicable only if the EMM toolbar is hidden. This does not apply for Mapped folders.